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10-06-2008, 02:33 AM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
Boy, some of the posts in this thread are too much. Did you guys post after coming home from Crescent St. or did you do it this morning after not fully recovering from last night's hang over. Let's take a look at what's being said.

1) Demers mentions that he's never seen so many scouts gathered together in Mtl. Right. We had an intelligent poster who said other teams reserve two places for each opposing teams' scouts, so this kinda puts Demers comments in doubt. Maybe, just maybe, he has been out of the loop and doesn't know what a lot of scouts are any more.

2)But Let's assume he's right. There are alot of scouts. Why do you guys assume that because of this there's a trade between Montreal and the Wild for Gaborik. Does this even make sense to you? What are these other scouts here for? To be bridesmaids or make sure that all the T's are crossed and the I's dotted in the trade contract? Or are they being sent here to witness Gainey's stick work as he screws Reisborough on the Gaborik trade?

3)Again, let's assume that Demers is right. There's way too many scouts. What do you think happened? Gainey sent a fax to all the GM's mentioning he has a special sale (2 for 1) on fringe players like Dandenault, Brisebois and Begin and the GM's scrambled to send their scouts here? Does that sound like something gainey would do? And if you answered yes to that question, then do you think that it's something the other GM's would do?

4)Did you guys ever consider maybe there's a junior team in Montreal now so the scouts come to scout the team and stay over to take notes on NHL player's their teams may be interested in.

5)Isn't waivers coming up soon? So maybe that's another possibility? Maybe There are lots of scouts at all the hockey venues in North America - not just MtL.

6) Since the reasonable possibilities don't seem to interest some of you then I'll post my crazy idea. Maybe all these scout heard that Trevor Timmons is hiring someone to scout the frozen tundras of Siberia and all these scouts are here chomping at the bit to work for the Habs' on their 100th anniversary.
really, a guy who saw things in an arena or two knows more about this than a guy like Demers, who went in each and every single arena in the league (either as coach or media)... really...

Yeah! there's this new rule I heard about, can't scout a game unless you were invited by the GM of the home team...

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