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10-06-2008, 01:06 PM
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I'm honestly not that dissapointed by the loss of Grabovsky. I didn't even want him on the Habs openign roster, so I could care less that he went to another team.

Grabovsky showed some glimpses of potential, but unfortunantly in a league where the ice is smaller then Europe, and the players are faster and play a much tighter system then in the AHL, i didn't seem him becoming much of a factor in the long run. He never seems to learn his lesson about keeping his head up as he crosses into centre ice. Also, he much too weak right now..he needs to put on some muscle as he tends to get knocked off the puck rather easily.

I'm happy if Leafs fans like him, but I guess he represented some of the surplus of small forwards we had in our system. Unfortunanalty for him, he was the weakest link.

Originally Posted by Antropovsky View Post
Wilson recently went on record and said that Grabovski is going to be a very good player for the Maple Leafs. Not only do I agree with him, but I am more inclined to take his word for it then anyone on HF.
Good for you. We'll talk again after 40 games or so...

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