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10-06-2008, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Watched a rerun of the game.

Some thoughts:
-I am very -- I don't know but like -- "happy"/"glad" to see Nikolai Zherdev play. He is dooing everything he possibly can to help this team win games. To be a team first player. Then he is a bit of a showboat at times, makes bad decisions and compared to how a Dane Byers would play he isn't exactly finnishing "every" check. But he is certainly trying to accomodate this team. Blocking shots, finnishing checks, taking short shifts, showing emotions and fireing up the team et c. And dooing so he will be valueble for us every night, even when he isn't scoring.

I actually never expected that. That tells you something about the surronding he got on this team, and allot about himself too of course. He just needed a fresh start.

-Dawes/Prucha vs Voros and bigger guys -- after watching the first game I thought Dawes time on this team had come almost. He just looked like a awful fit with Dubi and Z. We gave up more clean 3 on 2's in that game alone then basically what we did the last 40 games last season (we really never gave up any clean 3 on 2's, one of our forwards where always atleast able to catch one of the forwards on the other team).

But yesterday things looked much better. And you know, Prucha and Dawes certainly where contributing to their lines. We outshot Tampa like 18-3 in the 2nd period, Prucha and Dawes certainly contributed to that. But I don't think anything is final yet.

I like what I am seeing from Voros too. But Dawes and prucha certainly aren't complete wastes...

-There was a tad Luc Robitalle warning when it came to Markus Näslund. When can scratch that warning for sure. He looks great, don't get me wrong -- he won't "carry" this team. He will dissapear allot more often against the best teams for sure. There is a reason we got him for 4m per instead of 10m per which it would have cost to get someone who can step up and dominate against the best in the east.

However, another "cloud" is how he will stand the test of the eastern conference. Shanny started pretty strong too here in NY... But Näslund is a 73' born, Shanny was a 69'. I don't think its out of the question that he holds it together for the entire season. But thats not a give either.

-I want Marc Staal out there more often, in a bigger role. Many are arguing for us to get a physical D; but I've always wondered what good that would do if he only could play 3 minute in the 3rd period in a PO game? Thats how much a 3rd pairing D often plays when the game is on the line. Sure it wouldn't hurt us to carry a 6th D with a meanstreak. But its Marc Staal who got to become that tough, defensive D for us. He needs to lay some big hits. He needs to shut down a AO. Its early in the year and I am still expecting Staal to step up, but so far he have started a tad slow.

We hype this kid allot and everyone is praising him all the time, me too. But he needs to grow too, he needs to start matching the play of a Mike Komisarek.
Thats unfair. Komisarek just over the past 2 years came into his own and really became a force that could play good defense to match his physical play..he's starting his 6th NHL season while Staal is starting his 2nd.

If you compared Komisarek's rookie season to Staals season last year Staal would have killed him in terms of play.

Staal will also be putting up more points then Komisarek has he further develops.

Both players are just not the same but both players will still be star defenseman in their zone.

Staal will hit more as he gains more experience, but you can't expect him to drilling guys into next week like Komisarek does on a regular basis.

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