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Geez, the kid's doing homework and dealing with teenage drama, so I stay downstairs and watch tv with my wife. Well,well,well.

OK, firstly, reagrding Red Fisher. He hasn't had his nose anywhere but up to gauge which way the wind was blowing for a long time. He has always done his routine, making himself important, part of story. He, if my old man's story was correct, got himself kicked off the original hot stove segments for his comments. He had a feud with Toe Blake that saw the 2 of them to not exchange a word for years.

Writers, if they were positioned a certain way, played a different role generations ago. Player A wondered how much player b in Detroit was making, ask Red or his colleague in La Presse to find out. Just by longevity, if Fisher is to be believed, he'd find himself being used as a resource, which he used to gather info.

Personally, I think those days are long gone. I think he spends little time around the game now, probably doesn't have a good handle on some of the values these days in terms of player value vs. prduction vs. cap situation. Truthfully though, that's a bit refreshing.

I was never that big a Fisher fan until the early 90's when he'd work on the pre game show with Melnick and Steve Shutt. They did a pretty good routine wherein Fisher with his Cossell like arrogant act, would pick on Shutt. I remember thinking that sometimes you don't appreciate a guy's talent until you hear him in a certain role.

Now, to keep a touch with the history of the CH, he has a Saturday column, usually relates some old stories, mostly repitive but as was just pointed out, not always.

I know there are some fine posters here who have a bit of disdain for the guy, and I understand why. The Saturday column is worth looking at imo, because out of the 10 or 12 items he mentions, a few opinions, or anecdotes will make me at least comsider how I looked at something. He can't be the daily guy anymore, the guy's freakin' 85. Having a guy that age, sharp enough to be a bridge from the March 17, 1955 team to the present is part of the lore of the CH. I don't expect to get insights as top the working of current personel from him, Gagnon or Brunet are better versed in that, as they should be.

My whole issue in this thread puts me in the position of defending Fisher. We're hockey information ******. We read it all, posters earch for obscure CH refrences in publications. TSN picks the Habs 11th, we hate those Toronto centric bastidges. They pick us 2nd, we love 'em. Someone criticizes Gainey, he's a troublemaker. We usually get to my favorite attitude, stolen from Jim Bouton's Ball 4, I didn't read it, but I don't like it.

It's the same issue as the blanket 'French Press' comments. Write what we like. As far as I can see here, a guy, who has been reduced to re-hashing old anecdotes and exagerrating his involvement in them, does this every Saturday, this time because a guy's name was in the news. A poster suggested that he snuck this in because of an anti Roy campaign. Maybe, I hadn't considred that. I think Fisher has the right idea regarding Roy, one that coincides with mine. I love some things about him, hate some others. Guys aren't one thing.

So, after all this rambling, my reactions here are mainly about how we over react to every little snippet that we attach controversy to. The point is that players have reacted with anger to on and off ice issues for the 50 odd years this guy has covered the team and they tend to work themselves out. Having an opinion about Schenider's reaction, or Roy's way of dealing with things doesn't seem relevant to me. Humans tend to act like it.

Except for Habs' Mom whom I deeply regret defaming.

Originally Posted by JrHockeyFan View Post
LOL There are no old women, just desperate men

As per Red it usually did not happen (or matter) if he was not involved.

I have no idea what John Davidson did to piss him off, but boy Red made a point of making his life miserable in those hot stove get togethers
I know what you mean, but I think he and Davidson liked each other and it was Fisher's way of showing it. He promoted him all the time, kept his name in the press, then he'd embarass him by putting him on the spot. My take is that JD would call him and give him crap afterwards and Fisher would laugh.

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