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10-07-2008, 12:49 PM
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The fact that Formula 1, a sport which I love and have followed for a majority of my life, attempts to market itself as a "World Championship", yet does everything it can to abandon, rather than enrich, a market such as North American shows me a complete apathy of the upper management towards everything but money. I am a university student, but I was finally saving money in hopes that, for the first time, I would be able to see F1 live this June. I had plans with a friend of mine to stay at McGill with a relative for the week, then move to the downtown core for race weekend. We were planning to infuse tons of cash into both the Montreal market, and the F1 coffers. And now this complete ********.

This sport continues to do everything it can to alienate its dedicated North American fanbase. No NA venues on the calender. No NA drivers on the grid. And I believe TSN holds an option on the TV rights next year, which they are unlikely to renew after this debacle. Looks like the FIA is determined to stick both their middle fingers up the proverbial rears of the North American racing fan.

Forgive the disturbing imagery but man, I am fuming.

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