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10-07-2008, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by IcE ColD View Post
I would really like to know the percentage of users who replied to this thread that actually have read the articles. I'm pretty sure that most reply are based on automatic generalizations.
Well, I've read it and it seems he's yet again just looking for reasons to whine about the Habs. He's more and more like the radio DJ in the last Lance et Compte series, the one who was constantly on Dan Lambert's kid's case.

Bah, just regular Réjaune.

Although to the OP, where did Réjaune say the Habs would finish 9th in the east? In a previous article, maybe? If he did so, we can assume Réjaune does indeed whipe his face, hmmm, I mean, his ass, with TP that has the Habs logo on every sheet.

This guy is becoming soooo predictable.

Oh the last part of the article, the part about the Kovy posters, and how Kovy would make a great captain, just proves that Réjaune's deductive process has gone completely missing. Just another diss at the present captain. As if making college girls all giggly is the foremost quality any captain should have. OMG, I am starting to wonder what those people who say that if it wasn't for his hatred he'd write intelligent articles, I'm starting to doubt that, seriously.

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