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06-29-2004, 04:51 PM
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Regarding Blackburn

There's a major difference between Nerve Damage and an impinged nerve and what Danny had to deal with was an impinged nerve for the last year.

Had the Doc's figured this out in October when he showed no signed of progress and simply went in then, Dan Blackburn would have been playing in January.

Now that he went a full year without doing anything in terms of strength conditioning on that arm, his muscles have disappeared, his strength is shot and with that so is his speed and coordination. But that all comes back when the strength comes back. Figure he had surgery 2 months ago (April if I'm not mistaken), with his arm useless for almost a year it's going to take a while for him to get back to where he needs to be.

I had a bone spurr removed from my shoulder and it took me 6-7 weeks of rehab (twice a week) to get back to playing and according to my PT I made better progress than she expected. Had I not done anything with my arm for close to 9 months prior to surgery that time frame would double at least and that's me, for Danny, we are talking about someone who lost more muscle tone than I did and he's coming back from that.

Guaranteed, by mid July there are going to be glowing reports as to how good this kid looks.

It wasn't a serious Injury, it was a serious mis-diagnosed injury that cost Dan a whole season.

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