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06-29-2004, 05:00 PM
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Nice post from Dr. Sens(e) on the 'Prospects Board'. Makes me feel even better about Boris.

Interestingly, I have an acquaintaince who is a scout for the Hawks and I got a chance to ask him about a few players over a beer. He loves Valabik - ranking him 5th overall. Says his upside is at least in the relm of a Chara or D. Hatcher (he's better than Chara was at the same age), and that his downside really isn't that bad. Said his interview was the best of any prospect they spoke too. He had him top 10, but moved him up to #5 after the interview saying he firmly believed the guy has was it takes (in his mind) to improve his game.

He thinks Malkin and Ovechkin are both franchise players - says the Hawks are pissed they missed on them. Said his vote at their recent scouting meeting was Barker, and that's likely who who they'll go for. He spoke highly of Voloshenko, Lisin and Lyamin - has them all very high. Compared Sindel to Havlat, with the same questions Havlat had at the same age - can he handle the physical play.

Wouldn't take Schremp or Radulov high. Thinks Schremp is soft, even though he's a hockey rat. Thinks Radulov is a head case "like his brother" - who the Hawks happen to have right now. Called him a flake and said he hopes someone else takes him "so we don't have to". Said he liked Voleshenko better. Loves the three Fins. Speaking the highest of Korpikoski. Also likes Bolland a lot.

Amongst goalies, he has them ranked Montoya, Shantz, Schwartz, Schneider then Peters. Doesn't think much of Dubynk at all.

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