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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Don't worry, I know who Tremblay is. But it's because you have tons of money that you wouldn't wish you had more. So why does he keep making references to the money that Gillett makes almost every single day? 'Cause he comes to the fans' defense (fans that he like so much that he calls them fafans and ridiculized them for being so pro-habs) and feel that it's a big ripoff and Gillett should give back to the community? Habs aren't already doing it? Tremblay keeps saying how it's all going back in Gillett's pockets for his other endeavours and most probably in he's not jealous of his money but is actually jealous as to where it's going?

At "Tout le monde en parle" he keeps saying how as fans we should understand why the players make so much money, that it's normal and so on....So clearly he's NOT jealous of players' money.....'cause they might actually be doing what he's doing....But owners? Especially American owners? If that's not envy, well it's plain stupidity......for his own sake, I would hope it's envy.......
WS, I think that there's an inclusion issue going that has affected coverage of th eteam by some media members for quite awhile. It isn't $ based, though $ can be used , it isn't language though it gets portrayed that, it's inclusion, not having a feeling of ownership. That's my theory and if anyone tries to dissuade me, I'm putting my hands over my hears and loudly going lalalalalal, like any mature adult would.

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