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10-08-2008, 09:30 AM
Lone Rogue
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A game of hockey is worth 2 points.

If you win the game, you take the 2 points.

If you lose the game, you get nothing, because there is only 2 points to compete for.

During the tie days, if you tied, you split said 2 points.

Today, if your team loses the game but had it tied for 60 minutes, you get a magical 1 point from this 2 point game that comes out of nowhere, to thank you for your hard work.

A shootout is supposed to break a tie. That means there is a winner and a loser. Yes, it is a loser point. Yes, it rewards teams for losing. It also encourages trap play. Why go hard offence at the end of the period when you are tied? You can always just get a point in OT/SO and hope for the best.

The fact is, what people miss, is that a shootout decides the game. A tie means the game is undecided. If you are playing after a game has been decided (like znk's argument), then the game is not over. Therefore, a shootout should decide the two points, not some ugly "winner" point as people are arguing.

Just remove the point system entirely. One point for a win, no points for a loss. Lose in Regulation, Overtime or Shootout, you get nothing. A team makes the playoffs based on their wins. Tiebreaker is goals scored.

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