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06-29-2004, 07:23 PM
Killer 93
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Originally Posted by Steve L
So know youre comparing me wishing someone would get injured (of course something which I have no control over) to a convicted rapist?

You posts are getting more clueless by the second but then again Id expect nothing else from a Leaf fan. Go back to your own board before you embarrass yourself even further.
Talk about posts being clueless! Is English your first language? Christ, "So know youre"? Do you mean "So now you are"? Maybe this is a new saying that I, a clueless Leaf fan am not aware of?

Anyway, It does not matter if you have control over it or not. Praying for a "career ending injury" upon someone is pretty low - class. I would expect more from someone who feels they are in a position to call other people 'scum'.

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