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10-08-2008, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by AD View Post
I completely agree with you. But I also believe it should be a fair playing field for everybody.

If the teams played every other team the same amount of time, then no problem. But there are divisions to consider, and it seems that some divisions have way more 3 point games than others.

An imperfect survey of last year's standings shows the following "extra points" given out by division:

NE: 53
Atl: 48
SE: 40

NW: 43
C: 49
Pac: 39

There are 13 more "extra points" spread out among NE teams than SE teams. I think some of that divergence might be due to the fact that SE teams play bad defense. It also means that generally, when these teams win, they win BIG, and when they lose, they lose BIG. So less extra points for them..

If we were in Carolina, I'd be friggin pissed.
Well, that would be the same problem with the 3 points system, now wouldn't it?

I mean, Detroit would certainly win more games in regulation against Nashville, St-Louis, Chicago and Columbus, than other teams would, wouldn't they?

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