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10-08-2008, 04:35 PM
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uhhh, I still think that great skaters aren't necessarily the best players. Still need to be in the right place. Still need to position yourself properly. Still need to know where to skate and how to skate with your teammates. And you think there's parity among NHLers regarding stickhandling? I guess everyone has the same shot, same velocity, degree of accuracy, and ability to get it off in tight spots, in traffic, etc.

As for Cally - his move there, in my opinion, is more for Korps than anyone because I think Korps would be a better winger than centerma, and would be the kind of wingers this team needs - a guy who can go into the corner and hopefully come away with the puck.

As for your last point - I have to be honest, I don't know what you mean. Is KKK Korpikoski? How did he replace Drury? Drury's playing on a top line and Korps is on a third line getting less than 1/2 the ice time of Drury. Drury's there because management didn't think Korps is currently not six material. He beat Nedved? Nedved didn't have a chance. As long as Korps played OK, the team was going with youth. And honestly, is that a big accomplishment? The last game Nedved played in North America was for an AHL team.

And who compared Cally to Korps? I think you need to re-read my posts. I said I thought Korps would be better on the wing - I didn't say that Cally's a better player, nor did I say he will be a better player in 5 years.

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