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10-08-2008, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by My Sweet Shadow View Post
I think the biggest question is; how can you say that he will be injuryprone for the rest of his career? What he just doens't have any more freak injuries. It's not like he has a genetic disease or something that makes him susceptible to injury, he's just been extremely, emtremely unlucky the last few years. Who's to say he doesn't go on to play a long and prosperous career? And I repeat, WHY THE HELL WOULD TORONTO TRADE HIM NOW?
It's because of the injury history that his value is low. I agree he shouldn't keep going with injuries, but some players do. If he plays a full year his value will rebound, but for right now it's what...4 years since he played a really good number of games in a season? After only 2 years of below 60 games Ethan Moreaus value plumetted and until he can play a full season as his old self he won't have any value either. There are things that could make him more injury prone...some breaks don't fully heal, and others are more prone to rebreak or injuries to complimentary muscle groups. Look at Sourays shoulder problems...should have healed better than it did, but he reinjured the same shoulder in consecutive years.

TO should hang onto him right now and hope he rebounds so he can be a valuable part of the rebuild. If they trade him now they won't get much and it could very well come back to bite them in the butt.

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