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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
uhhh, I still think that great skaters aren't necessarily the best players. Still need to be in the right place. Still need to position yourself properly. Still need to know where to skate and how to skate with your teammates.
Among three major aspects skating by far more important compared to stick control and so called "hockey sense" (as you described it).
Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
And you think there's parity among NHLers regarding stickhandling? I guess everyone has the same shot, same velocity, degree of accuracy, and ability to get it off in tight spots, in traffic, etc.
Parity is not equality... I never intended to discount player's hands. However, it is skating ability that determine the player position.
The best skaters usually become defensemen or centres. (the latter actually could play any position, except goalie, perhaps) The rest play wing and usually only one side.
Now, the stickhandling. It does matter very much. That usually determines what line the player plays. Those with best stick skills become offensive forwards. The rest play bottom six. Obviously in reality it is not as simple as I has described, but it is close enough.
Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
How did he replace Drury? Drury's playing on a top line and Korps is on a third line getting less than 1/2 the ice time of Drury.
It is important to point out that although not every centre looks down at the wingers, the move from centre to a wing considered by most as a huge demotion. Its like, say move from starting pitcher to bullpen. Although Drury is on 1st line, he is no longer C. You've got to have Drury's heart to take it easy, because even on 3rd line, where he was last season, he was in charge of the unit whatever minutes he was afforded. Now KKK ( sorry, it is easier for me then remember weird spelling of his last name) has replaced Drury as 3rd line C. I think he is there to stay. And that is huge.
Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
He beat Nedved? Nedved didn't have a chance. As long as Korps played OK, the team was going with youth. And honestly, is that a big accomplishment? The last game Nedved played in North America was for an AHL team.
Last Nedved's game for this year Rangers pre-season. Nedved played great. And he aimed and the only spot available. That job went to KKK.

Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
I didn't say that Cally's a better player, nor did I say he will be a better player in 5 years.
Correct. I said that KKK is better already. This guy is the biggest discovery so far and may be the reason for us not being doomed. His wingers might be changed to whoever ( I think Renney will do that) with probably same outcome. He's got body, strength and skills to become PF, something Callahan will never be.

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