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10-09-2008, 02:18 AM
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Habs players pts prediction

Hi, I dont know if it has been done but I see no recent thread regarding pts prediction on our players.. How do you see it?

Peronally I think we will be the team that will score more goals during the year and it will come from everywhere..

I see 5 players in the race that have a solid chance to finish first regarding pts.. Kovalev A.Kost Plekanec A.Tanguay and Markov..

T.Plekanec 29G 56A for 85 pts (should be used in every situations..)

A.Kostitsyn 42G 38A for 80 pts (will establish himself among top wingers in the NHL)

A.Kovalev 34G 44A for 78 pts (slight drop from last year)

A.Tanguay 21G 50A for 71 pts (will play the point on the 1st PP unit)

A.Markov 19G 46A for 65 pts (will be on the ice for the entire 2 min of the PP)

S.Koivu 22G 37A for 59 pts

R.Lang 26G 31A for 57 pts (should play on the second PP unit with Saku)

G.Latendresse 30G 25A for 55 pts (I expect a big year from Tender.. IMO he is a better fit on the Saks line than Higgins is, so I wouldnt be surprised to see Carbo using Lats there for several game this season, also Tender will see some action on the PP2 and more the kid will be effective in front of the net, more ice time he will have on PP..

Chris Higgins 20G 32A for 52 pts

S.Kost 16G 32A for 48 pts (could get more pts if used at the point on the second PP unit but I doubt will use there PK, little PP time.. He is the one of our top 9 I see getting less pts for this year..)

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