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10-09-2008, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Delat View Post
All I remember where the people saying he was a bust comparing to the other guys that were drafted in his year.n The guy was slower to developp, but this year...I smell it... He is going to be unreal. I think he learned what hockey was in here and he fell in love with it.
If you look back at his earlier days. 5 mins of ice time, 1g, 3 mins of ice time, 1 assist.

Imo he was always good, they just didn't want to rush his developement. I felt he developed faster than most. Had Lats not been on this team, he'd have been up and doing great a year early. If you wanna talk slow developement..... well, to be fair, lats looks to suprise this year He seems like one of the most improved players in terms of general playability. He's faster too.

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