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10-09-2008, 10:37 AM
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I'm not too worried about 'sophomore jinxs', or who will have an off year, who will improve kinda stuff, for one reason....DEPTH

There have been very few teams in the last ten years, who have the depth of forwards that Montreal has going into this year. If you go by the early predicted lines, 2/3 of our 3rd line were playing as top six forwards last year. With the addition of Big George, and a year of maturity under Chipchura's belt, out depth of 3rd/4th line players is better than last year as well.
Granted guys like Kovalev, Pleks, AKost, might not produce or have as good of years as last year, but when you consider we have Tanquay this year replacing a forgetable Ryder from last year, and Robert Lang replacing an easily replacable Brian Smolinski, it's hard to imagine the forward unit not being able to play up to last years standard. I expect a small improve would be considered a disappointment.
Defence might be the only spot where questions could arise, only because the depth isn't great. If everyone is healthy, there are no problems, but unlike the forward unit, the D doesn't have quite the same depth. I'm sure with the prospect assets and such at Gainey's disposal, if a problem arised this year, on the back end, Gainey would bring someone in, via trade, to shore things up. We wouldn't have cap issues, and we certainly wouldn't be in trouble prospect wise, if we were to move one, or two prospects.
Goaltending is an area that some people might worry about a 'sophomore jinx', in Price, but I wouldn't bet on that. If there is one player who I COULDN'T see going thru that, it is Price. He is just going to get better and better. He has the mental part of the game down pat (don't get too high, don't get too low) already, and that is usually the part that leads to sophomore jinxs. When you add in the fact that we have another good youn goalie backing up Price, our goaltending, imo, is as solid as any team in the league.
There is no comparision between this years Montreal Canadiens, and the Oilers and Flames team who made Stanley Cup runs. The habs are put together way better ,and have much more depth than either on those teams did.


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