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10-09-2008, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Silent Bob View Post
That's just a stupid, stupid thing to say. Do you OWN an HDTV? Have you seen hockey in HD? Hockey is the sport of all the major sport that most benefits from HD. You see so many little things you have never seen before, the sound quality is fantastic, and most importantly it'll make watching for the casual viewer so much easier. Every game on TV should be in HD, period. It's about frikkin time.

Does anyone ever watch hockey on HDNet? I wish all the feeds were that good, because it's the best hockey experience I've ever had while sitting in front of my TV, easily.
ive seen games in HD. its no big deal. it looks crisp but you dont necessarily "see more" in the actual game.

youre just spewing the HD rhetoric. sure, its nice and great if games are on it and it should be standard for how much money these stupid billion dollar leagues spend on televising games.. but to act like its some Mind Blowng event is ********

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