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10-10-2008, 07:37 AM
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Nice post Chezz. When we have threads evaluating Gainey's work, there is often the devil's advocate point of view that contends that player x was a Savard pick, who cares because Timmins makes the picks, and all these things are true.

I've always maintained that a team that is trying to compete in this market has to have a strong presence running the show, and that's exactly what Gainey is. Look at the figures who have worn the CH and the group that makes people stop and listen when they talk is very small. Gainey's one of them. A team with Gainey at the helm means business, simple as that.

The first hf meet n greet I went to , a few years back, I was sitting there with a friend who went to jr. games with me in 1968, so we've been to parades and whined when things didn't go our way, all the ups and downs.

We were listening to the conversation around the table, most of the guys about 25 years younger than us and it dawned on us that our history wasn't theirs. We'd never really thought about it in thos eterms. If my team never wins again, whether it be Stanley Cup, Grey Cup, Super Bowl, I haven't been cheated.

It became apparent how sweet it will be as the Habs become a team that matters again, a team that has to be conisdered as a contender, esp. for guys about your age who only have history books as reference to most of the team's triumphs.

My buddy actually pointed this out to me, and I'm glad he did, it keeps me from being that, 'yeah, but you should've seen the 70's team' jerk. Also makes following this team more fun.

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