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10-10-2008, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Stars99Lobo37 View Post
The entire town of Dallas didn't even know about Robidas until his recent playoff run. And if you would take the word of the official board over at, they would have you thinking he is the best defensemen in the entire league now. God forbid I don't buy into the whole Robidas hype. He had one good playoff series and everyone thinks he's unstoppable now.
Way to be melodramatic when responding to my statement. I fail to see where I made such claims. I simply said he's one of the hardest working guys we've had on our team in a while. And unless you haven't watched the Stars for a few years now, you would know this. And I am fairly certain that your claim that "the entire town of Dallas didn't even know about Robidas until his recent playoff run," is utter nonsense. Seriously, I understand you may not like him, or you're tired of him having his ass kissed by bandwagon fans, but making comments like that just makes you sound ignorant.

Lehtinen and Barnes were by far two of our best defensive forwards. Lehtinen has three selkes to back up that statement in his career and nothing's changed since.
I know they were the best, I simply making the point that Barnes has been "invisible" for most of his career, as is Lehtinen because they don't play flashy games. Yea Lehtinen won 3 Selke's, but 2 were back-to-back and the last one was what like 5 seasons ago. He hasn't really changed much since then, but most people don't notice everything that he does for the team unless he has a trophy thrown at him.

Modano was given an A because he is this franchise. He's still the face of this franchise no matter how you look at it and he deserves it still IMO. He's not the player he once was, sure, nobody is trying to say that. But he is still a pretty damn good player compared to 3/4ths of this league. And having him center our 3rd line, I'll take that any day.
Give someone the "A" because of who he is instead of actually gauging his leadership ability. I wasn't debating whether he was a good player still, but rarely does that Modano show up anymore. (I'd rather have Jordan Staal on our 3rd line though, lol)

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