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10-11-2008, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Hovercraft View Post
Yeah but Jones and Downie arent on the IR.

And Phlocky, we have around 700k but if Parent has been put on LTIR then until he gets back we have around 1,5

Yeah, and from that earlier article we get ot subtract Aubins salary but have to add in Ross so that's a wash. HC, if you were to add Aubin and Sbisa to your team list and account for any and all bonuses then you'd probably be at around 700k too. I don't know what bonuses were earned last year and which ones we took against this years caps so that might be where some of the confusion comes into play too. Also, I think both Rathje and Hatcher have to count against the cap for like 1 day putting them at a cost of around 75k towards the cap limit (actually I think they count 100% against the cap limit but we are permitted to exceed the cap because they are on LTIR though we don't get to exceed it by 100% of their salary, only like 98% of it or something weird).

Any way you cut it though it's about a wash from Aubin to Ross and counting only one of Sbisa or Parent (Parent on LTIR and Sbisa not being here once he gets back) would move us from about 700k left to about 1.5 mil remaining. If we trade for a dman we can figure on removing Sbisas cap hit in place of the guy we trade to get making the maximum we can expect to take on at about 2.3 mil. Once Parent returns we would be over the cap limit if we kept 8 dmen but that won't likely happen. What would most likely happen would be that either Parnt finishes the year in the minors or we waive Kukkonen (an UFA at the end of the season with about the same cap hit as Parent and Sbisa). If Kukks is claimed then it's no big deal, we aren't going to resign him after this year anyways and if he isn't he'll just be sent to the Phantoms and we will be ok with the cap. Now, even though we could theoretically go up to 2.3 mil in salary for another dman there is no way we take ourselves that close the othe cap limit. We will most likely try to leave ourselves around 500k at a min for those temorary call-ups for when guys are sick or just have a minor ding and don't go on IR.

If we are going to bring in a solid dman with a salary exceeding 2 mil (probably the min we'd have to spend to get anything decent that would actually be a help to our defense) we'd probably have to move a forward and replace him with a cheap entry level salary from one of the guys currently on the Phantoms. Upshall would get us about 400k in additional cap space, Downie wouldn't clear any additional cap space and Knuble would free up about and additional 2 mil in cap space. Moving Knuble we could probably afford to take on about 3.5-4 mil in salary for this year and next year. The player we pick up can't have a contract that goes beyond next season as we will need that cap room ro re-sign Coburn.

Just some things to keep in mind when you make trades in your head of what you'd do if you were in Homers shoes.

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