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10-11-2008, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadienErrant View Post
I feel sorry for you. The Koivu's Crusaders don't know the difference between "hate" and "pragmatism". Anything slightly negative towards Saku is translated into " They hate him" or "they are stupid dummies" and other nice expressions.

If Koivu would not had been seriously injured so many times and did not have cancer, he would possibly be up there with the Sakics and the Forsbergs' or the Sundins. He was very unlucky and he played with some (if not ) the worst Habs teams ever.

I would never ever question the heart and the courage of this guy.

But, there is a difference between the OFF-ICE personnality (and all what he has done for the Montreal community) and the ON-ICE player that he is today.

I hope he will recover from his foot injury and give us the type of hockey he has given us in the last few playoffs. But, he is not getting younger, nor faster, and he has still this tendency to take those useless hooking penalties.

Right now, Plekanec is clearly the number 1 center, and Carbo can split the rest of the responsabilities between Koivu and Lang, giving them between 15-17 minutes a game, some PK and some PP.

Gainey is a very pragmatic guy. That is why he refused to talk about the renewal of Saku's contract, and has clearly indicated that he's gonna wait for results before making any decision. Loyalty doesn't weigh that much in the balance. It's a business.

Talking of business and marketing, how come Kovalev is now making all those ads ? I have nothing against it, but how come Koivu never appeared as much on TV than Kovalev who is around since only 3-4 years now ? It's not that Kovalev is speaking more in French that Saku. He is not. Probably Saku can have some kind of conversation in French with some fans ( I dunno know about that - nobody ever confirmed it). But he is stubborn enough (some would say "shy"- i would call it laziness) not to show it. But it is the basics of marketing and communication. Gary Carter knew about half a dozen words in French, and he was using them all the time. He was doing ads, and he was immensely popular. Nobody ever asked him to give a speech about philosophy or nuclear science in French. Just a "Bonjour" and a "merci" was fine. Dryden, Robinson and Gainey were way, way better.

Any ordinary tourist going to Mexico is using the "Hola", "Gracias" and the always popular " una cerveza por favor" to COMMUNICATE, establish some kind of a warm contact with the population.

I have never heard and read anybody complaining that Craig Rivet, or Steve Shutt, or Mark Recchi or Kirk Muller or Mike Komisarek, and 99.9% of non-French-speaking former or actual Habs' players are not using the language in the media. Nobody cares if Plekanec. the Kostitsyns, Markov, Price or Gorges ever say a single word of French in their whole life. NOBODY.

So why so much pressure on Saku ? He is wearing the "C" of Le Club de Hockey Canadien, which - by the way - is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. He is wearing in his jersey not only the small "C", but also the big one, that logo which is still one of the most respected and well known in hockey, and even outside hockey.

How come Kovalev has understood in a handful of years what Koivu was unable to do in 14 seasons ? Reach out to people. even visit a family 1000 km away from Montreal. Maybe Kovalev is an hypocrit who likes to show off and manipulate people, while Saku is timid and genuine good low key guy. Maybe...

One thing is sure. Kovalev said that he wanted to finish his carreer in Montreal. Not Saku.

Really ? maybe you should read what you just wrote again, cause cause when it comes to Koivu, it's all negative. The guy's not shy he's lazy, he doesnt understand while others do, he's stubborn, etc... while Kovalev, who's now the face of the franchise well! it's OK for him not to speak french, the "A" ? same thing they get a free ride...

Nobody ? really, tell me how you know I (and others) don't care ?

Understand ? really... how about something as simple as one loves the spotlight and the other hate it...

On the other hand, Koivu did ask for a NTC, it may have been asked just so he doesnt get traded to a shi*** team but it could also be cause he wants to play here...

come on' the "face of the franchise" loves it so much here he wants to end his career as a Habs, but he doesnt even bother learning Bonjour or Merci... why is it OK for him not to speak french but not Koivu ? I mean, isnt he the leader of that team, the most popular and the most talented AND the guy who said he wants to fisnish his career here ?

And how about Komisarek ? the guy's been here for years, already wear the A and have VERY good chance of wearing the C one day... what the ******* is he waiting for ? doesnt he care enough to learn a few words ?

and the other A, Higgins ? not important either I guess that the other A, who's been here for a few years too, doesnt speak french ? a guy who's been a Habs fan all his life and he doesnt bother learning a few words...

See, the difference between hate and pragmatism ?

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