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10-11-2008, 10:21 PM
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Originally Posted by RabidBadger View Post
It's a pretty exciting week of non-ceference games for the W this week. The city of Bah-stin will be visited by NoDak and 'Sconsin to play BU and BC respectively. The marquee matchup will be DU and Notre Dame. The Superior Cup should be entertaining with UMD and Tech playing their CCHA counterparts LSSU and Northern MI. The others I'm just too lazy to write about. I hope the WCHA keeps scheduling these tough non-con games. It's good for the sport and may be a good primer to see different styles when the playoffs role around.

Overated in the league: Richard Bachman: you'd think the guy cured cancer after saving a kitten stuck in a tree the way the press gushes about him. You'd have to pick up a romance novel to see such unabashed affection directed at a man. Okay, he's pretty good, I'm just sick of reading about him.

Underated: Jase Weslosky, Rob Nolan and Mike Zacharias- these guys put up stellar numbers in net on teams that were no where near deep as CC was last year. I look for Weslosky to be near the top in all categories with an improved defence.

Overated: Chad Rau- I'm only overating his short handed goals from last year. The CC PK was so good Rau could cherry pick and get breakaways at will. He's a hell of a player and Badger fans have nighmares about him, but the shorties were overhyped last year.

Underated: Tyler Bozak was the man shorthanded last year. He gets plenty of press otherwise, but everyone was taking about Rau being the PK king last year.

Overated: North Dakota. My pal (except weekends UW and NoDak lay), Dakota Sioux might take exception to this one. I think #4 is a little generous in the rankings and done out of respect. There are big questions in the defense, goaltending, and offensive depth. If there is a team I am familiar with almost as much as Wisc. it's NoDak (know thy enemy!) I could see the team coming together at the end of the season and squeaking into the playoffs, but with their youth they are a couple years from being a major contender.

Underated: Minnesota State. They have the same team coming back and no real glaring weaknesses. They are not getting much respect from the polls, however.

Overated: Badger defense. Oh yeah, they have 3 first round picks but they are young. McBain and McDonagh are everything they say they are. Gouloubef is very solid as well. They only have one junior and the rest of them are frosh and sophs. Brendan Smith sat hald the year with an injury and Jake Gardiner is recently converted from a forward. If everyone came back next year it would be one of the best defenses the Badgers ever fielded, but McBain and McDonagh are likely gone.

Underated: St. Cloud defense. there are no big names and Garrett Raboin is the only offensive catalyst, but the huskies have an experienced group with good size.

That's all for this week. Good luck to everyones respective team.
So far you are spot on but the ship is still afloat.

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