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10-12-2008, 03:07 AM
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Originally Posted by blah View Post
JVR is not in the NHL because he wanted to go to school, and the Flyers are in a position to wait for him because of their depth. There is no hurry.
There's a little more to the story than that. The Flyers wanted JVR to sign after his freshman year. When his parents came had a meeting with Holmgren, they wanted to know what Holmgren's plans were with JVR and if he'd play in the NHL right away. When Holmgren stated he couldn't guarantee that JVR would be in the NHL right away and that he might have to spend time in the AHL, that's when he and his parents decided to go back to school. I know that at the night of the draft, JVR's parents informed Holmgren that he was going to go to school for two years. However, his peers were ready and they left early. Even guys his age were breaking into the league. So, don't think that didn't play on his mind. I'll say it right now - when Holmgren mentioned that JVR might have to spend time in the AHL, that made it much more easier for VanRiemdyk's to turn down the Flyers offers and return to school.

Originally Posted by blah View Post
Nobody will scream about JVR not playing 20 minutes a game next season. Again, the Flyers depth will come into play. Few people will be shocked if JVR isn't on the top line. He's capable, but he's going to be surrounded by veterans that are as good or better than him. That's not a knock on anyone. I also doubt that the Flyers planned on JVR making an immediate impact right after drafting him. I'm sure someone can dig up some quotes of the Flyers saying that he'd take some time.
I beg to differ. I think quite a few people will voice concerns and discontent if the 2nd overall pick isn't given top six ice time right away, especially when all his forward peers from the same draft are getting that kind of ice time. Let's remember that IF (key word here - he could always pull a Blake Wheeler) VanRiemsdyk signs, he's going to be compared to the guys who have already been playing - Kane, Turris, Gagner, Voracek, Perron, etc...... I have to believe that the Flyers are going to want to justify his high selection and they aren't going to give him '3rd line' (notice the quotes) minutes and that they'll want to provide him with as much as time as possible. To spoonfeed him ice time will do nothing but backfire and the bust chants will be louder in there than at a Dolly Parton concert.

Originally Posted by blah View Post
Like I said, if they need to, they'll move players around to accomodate him. He's a potential franchise forward. Plus, they can afford to bring him along slowly without throwing him directly into the fire. And they're not going to trade their Jack Johnson for someone else's Tim Gleason. They have no reason whatsoever to make a trade like that.
See, I don't get the impression that they will. Look at how long it took for Gagne to get a top line spot in Philadelphia. I know others will say that he played on the most important line when Hitchcock was coach, but come on, the third line in Hitchcock's system isn't as important as the first line. If that's the case, then Guy Carbonneau was a more important player in Hitch's system than Mike Modano was. However, I digress.

The whole bringing him along slowly is nothing more than a cop out. And before anyone points out that Boston brought Thornton along slowly, let's also remember that Thornton was an 18 year old, JVR will be a 20 year old when he starts. Big difference.

I'll say it before and I'll say it again - He won't even see the ice as a Flyer. He'll be moved either at the trade deadline or at the draft. The forwards are pretty much set and he's probably the best bargaining chip that the Flyers have in terms of landing yet another solid, young and dynamic defenseman to add. And one last thing. I wouldn't call a Brent Burns or a Ryan Suter or a Dan Hamhuis 'someone else's Tim Gleason'. Those are three excellent, excellent, excellent defensemen. While Gleason isn't a bad defenseman, I would have to say (as would many others) that he's nowhere near the defenseman that those guys listed are.

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