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10-12-2008, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
Welll lets see what Happens on Monday... but I like the idea of Higgins on the third line.

Let Tanguay stay at LW... and let Lats play RW on that line.

Tanguay looks better on the left side.
I was wondering the same thing, the instinctive ways Kovalev can stay out of trouble on his off side aren't part of Tanguay's game at this point. After his first 4 periods of the season, I was wondering if the guy had lost a lot of confidence somehow as he didn't look right. When a guy makes that delay move at mid ice, it sort of throws the line off unless you have flyers with you liuke A.Kost and Pleks, always racing for open ice.

Then they got 2 five on five goals and looked a lot better so..... At a point, assuming that the Plekanec line isn't touched, one of Higgins,Lats or Tanguay will play the right side, and I'm not sold as tro who it should be.

I didn't think O'Bryne was particularly bad, granted he made more 'just dump it out' plays than Hamrlik, but I thought he was in a few situations where he had little option.

I liked the fact that TK played 2 games on a line that he isn't destined to stay on and wasn't weighing them down. Too bad, I wish he had a bit more jump, because he's the type of guy that I suspect every guy on th eteam is pulling for.

Did you get the impression after Lats goal that he'd beg to stay with Koivu ? I don't know if that's permanent as what's best for GL isn't always what's best for th eteam, but I have to think he'd carry Carbo's luggage all year to stay there.

btw, I do see a difference in his skating. It's not skating into corners or in open ice, it's that first step with the puck that can be methodical at times, but he seems to be coming along nicely.

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