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10-12-2008, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by mm6492 View Post
Jones played good in the playoffs and Parent was supposed to step us this year. I think he esxpected Jones to be the #3 with that contract
At his best, Randy Jones is a #4...and Parent is a rookie. I expect big things from Parent, but he wasn't going to be a legit 2nd pairing D the first half of this season.

Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Yes guys are going to get hurt, but you are looking at 2 guys who were expected to be big, big contributors this season. I mean, if you take off any 2 members of any team's top-6 in the NHL, that team will be experiencing some trouble.
We're not talking about any team. We're talking about a team with the forward talent to compete for a Cup and then some...but completely lacking the support from the blue line. THAT is on Holmgren. He could have used the massive strength of this team to strengthen a major weakness on this team, or at least tried something other than the "see what sticks" strategy he did with this defense...not to mention the horrid contract he gave to Jones.

The intellectual approach to this teams construction showed a paucity of critical thinking...and now an obviously predictable situation (name a single season in recent memory where we haven't lost 2 D for significant stretches...) is leaving us with a pathetic NHL defensive corps.

I mean, I just pointed out that we have 8 NHL d-men in the organization, not including Sbisa. How many more do you want, 10? You're expecting 3 NHL d-men to be happy playing for the Phantoms?
Well, the real question is whether you named 8 NHL d-men.

Clearly Making the Cut:

Questionable, but okay:
Jones - he struggled for vast swathes of last year and was a healthy scratch on the worst team in the league the year before.
Kukkonen - as a third pairing guy, he has a spot in this league.

Are they really NHL D?
Vaananen - didn't play in the league last year.
Eminger - healthy scratch on a Mediocre D for 75% of last season.
Parent - rookie, we'll find out.
Guenin - are we really serious with labeling him a NHL D? He's played 11 NHL games.

So, really, the problem isn't that 3 NHL guys would be playing for the Phantoms. It's that your stretching the bona fides of this group considerably. Best case scenario, the bottom two pairings are average for the NHL. Worst case scenario, they have no business being in the NHL.

If the organization expects Sbisa to be important, I think they're insane, but what are they supposed to say publicly?

"We lost 2 expected members of our top-6 D, so Luca is a stopgap solution while we desperately try to get another veteran in here." Somehow I don't think that would be great for his confidence.
Isn't a matter of sanity or insanity. Holmgren constructed a situation where he has little choice. Certainly they should build the kid up while he is here.

As I said in the GDT, it seems like we finally have some pieces. Eminger definitely looks talented and while I'm not a big Stevens guy, he is pretty good at developing young talent.
Eminger looked awful in that game. Blowing coverage, dumb passes in dangerous places...

I dunno, we need to work on the team D and cutting down on turnovers, but I think there are the makings of a good defense in this group, I was particularly impressed with Vaananen who I thought played a very solid 20 minutes.
Vaananen was fine last night, but if he's playing 20 minutes a night for us this year...that's a problem.

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