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10-12-2008, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by jcpenny View Post
I dont understand how can u be dissapointed with OB's play. His defensive zone coverage and one on one have been very good so far. OK he has been beat by Blake once but other than that, few mistakes in his zone and few penalties. Most complaints are about his play with the puck but he's a defensive defensman, that part of his game will take more time to develop. I'm very happy with his play and all he needs right now is to get more confidence.
You're not reading what I'm writing.

I'm not disappointed in his play at all. I'm actually pretty impressed with him. But to say he played a great game last night - regardless of my expectations for him - is just not true. And he didn't play well in Buffalo either.

He didn't hurt Montreal last night, but he certainly could have against an NHL calibre opponent. He got turned around a few times, he looked uncomfortable with the puck in his own zone, he made some panic plays and, as I've said several times, he's the only defenseman not playing the teams system, and that certainly shows.

Some people here need to realize there's a difference between criticizing a players performance and the drama queens that insist a player be waived or traded if they don't like the game he plays.

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