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10-12-2008, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by EazyB97 View Post
Few disturbing things tonight

- A loss like this was something the coaches and GM blamed on the players who we've lost all summer long. Last night we didn't have much emotion. Moore was the closest thing and his was an outburst. McCabe and Tucker usually stepped up their physical play and got angry in these situations, while Mats could dominate. It would've been nice to see some players step up. Mayers had to be a force, while others had to get Angry. We went through the motions.

- The other is this is a fragile team. We know we're young, but we're fragile. The goals in short periods was something that came under Maurice, same with the blowing leads. It wasn't leadership, it was a team mentality that stretched from line 1 to line 4 and is now still with the team. It's something we can break, but needs to be fixed.

- We're also a team with speed who looked very slow last night. That's because of our poor puck movement. Montreal was flying last night without any of their players moving, that's because the puck was moving quickly and we were chasing. It's something we need to get to.
Montreal came out hard after losing the night before. They wanted it more. When a team that has a lot more skill and experience than yours outplays you, you're in for a rough night. Seemed like Toronto strayed from their game plan and in a way 'gave up' after the first. At least thats the way it seemed. We no longer got in the passing lanes and essentially sat back in the defensive zone and they picked us apart.

You're right, it bothers me that we didnt pick up the physical play later in the game. I think we need to do that if we're on the losing end of the score.

Originally Posted by EazyB97 View Post
Actually it is, at least here it is. Someone in the summer made the same claim so I went back to look at his goals. One was scored when it was a blow-out and he wasn't even given credit. The others were all in 1-2 goal games.
Maybe im wrong, but that doesnt change the fact that what he did was downright embarassing. If I was on the other team I would be wondering why he is so happy. When you score to make it 5-1 and you cheer, you're only happy you got a goal.

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