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10-12-2008, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by znk View Post
Makes me question every evaluations you've ever posted here. I'll take Dany Dubé's positive evalution over yours thank you.
You can't be this obtuse.

I'm not dissapointed in O'Byrne's development at all this far in his career. He's what, 40 games into his career as an NHL defenseman.

Perhaps you have the exact same level of expectation out of every player on the roster - grinder, sniper, veteran, rookie, all the same. If you do, that's your issue, not mine.

Me, I have varied expectations depending on role, level of experience, expectations within the team, among other things.

O'Byrne, as a rookie defenseman, I've got him on a very long leash. I *expect* him to make mistakes. I *expect* him to struggle with the fast transition game the team plays, as it's not his strength. I *expect* him to have games where he's the worst on the ice for the Habs.

Ironically, many here *expect* him to be a Top Four defenseman - and they are pleased with him, so there you have it! But for me, I'll simply watch his game and see how he develops.

So, he can be the worst defenseman on the ice for the Canadiens - as he was the two games thus far this season, and still not be a dissapointment to me. You don't seem to be able to grasp that simple concept.

As for Mr. Dube, if he's the kind of person who's analysis you value, then we really have no common ground anyway, so this argument is a moot point. I find him to be a bit of a cheerleader for the team, so there's really very little 'criticism' of the players coming from him.

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