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10-12-2008, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by xifentoozlerix View Post
so vali was trying to stop the puck (which was to his left) by reaching out with his arm and stick towards richards (who was to his right). giannone even says vali was out of position immediately after the goal, and he was because he took himself out of position by trying to initiate contact with richards. you dont reach out with your arm and stick to "establish position".

and what a guy like hextall did in his day has no bearing on the game and it's rules today, no matter how awesome hextall was/is. congrats on the 2 points though...i look forward to the rest of the season series if every game is as exciting as that last period was.
Looks like we have a difference of opinion of what Valiquette's interests were on the play... Regardless, the reason a crease is provided is to establish a domain that the opposing player shouldn't enter (unless against their will). Bottom line is Richards was well in the crease and contact was made with the goaltender. Also, if you had the opportunity to watch further in the replay, the blind Giannone rescinded.

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