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10-12-2008, 08:58 PM
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I fail to see why I am wrong, because people said so?
how is his value higher?
He went from being a good young 23g 42 pt player (only full season) making his rookie salary to being a 29 goal 53 point player making 5 million. He almost makes as much as gagne right now.
His production does not equal his contract at all.

You do realize that Kaberle and Carter had the same number of points last year and kaberle is a defenseman? Kabs last 3 years were 53,58,67 pts.

Simple test. Look up NHL numbers and see who is at .5 million either way of both salaries and rank the players. I would say that Kab would be at the top of his class, carter would be at the bottom or close to it. Not saying he is a bad player but come on does anyone honestly believe that Carter is going to be a top 10 forward, because Kaberle is a top 10 defenseman.

I see no reason why Carter's value has gone up or even close to it. He scored 6 more goals and got like 3 million dollars for it. The increase in demonstratable production is vastly diminished by exponential cost. Kaberle is now 2.5 less then redden, campbell, boyle etc....

Steen NHL 235 48 75 123 .53 ppg
Carter 226 66 66 132 .58 ppg

Obviously carter is the better player, no doubt, but he is barely getting more points then steen. Would you trade steen for timonen?

Im not saying it has to happen or anything but value wise, Kaberle probably has the best non entry deal in hockey. Carter does not have a great contract. Carter is no where near worth kaberle. Kaberle is the far superior player on the far better contract.

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