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10-12-2008, 08:07 PM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by NYROrtsFan View Post
I love SHanny but no thanks...

He's too slow and is the opposite of what the team has become. Right now they are a fast, constantly in your face type of team and it is working well. THey put a ton of pressure on the opposing defense and are able to move the puck fairly well. Shanny doesn't bring that.

The third line should simply be Prucha or Fritche because they both fit that mold better than the awful Rissmiller or even Dawes.

ha again. how many games have you seen him play? 1 maybe 2? come on. awful... and orr is awesome? rismiller played very well last year for sj. look it up.

the 4th line is a grinder line. a checking line and a line that can play defense first.

that line should be sjo betts and rismiller and the occasional orr.

fyi the 3rd line should be cally korpedo and dawes or fritsche.

prucha has no role on this team and at 1.6 hes an overpriced extra. lets make deal with edmonton and give him a chance for a career.

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