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10-13-2008, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by fergiesbeak View Post
I'm from western canada and would love nothing better than to see more western boys on the habs only of course if they improve the team...habs have very good depth right now and alot of good choices for forwards especially the 4TH line.I do not see what all the negativety is on LAPS.He's doing his job very well and effectively.Come playoff time his speed and in your face checking will be very valuable.
With no sarcasm, I'm happy to hear that! I agree with your post, Laps shouldn't get all the blame; even Begin, he's good and bad, but we need his enthusiasm out there.

Now with some sarcasm, and with respect to this whole thread:

I'm from Manitoba, and I think the Habs should put more Manitobans on the team! Damn, why do all Manitoban Habs fans have to put up with a team, year in and year out, that constantly ignores the tastes of Manitoban fans? We have Americans, Europeans, even some Frenchies (why oh why does this team have so many frenchies?) Come to think of it, as a franco-manitobain where are the players from St. Boniface? from St. Eustache? from La Brocquerie? from Notre Dame de Lourdes? from St. Malo? Damn, you'd think this team could find some brutal fourth-liners from somewhere in the western francophonie?

Or maybe the birthplace of players just shouldn't matter at all when opening threads or talking about the team? It's a complaint that's as old as the team itself, and not getting any more intelligent.

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