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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Parent is as close to a guarantee as you get. Good size, good speed, calm, smart, etc. If he doesn't become a legit 2nd pairing shutdown D, I would be totally floored. Even in a playoff race atmosphere as a rookie last year, I thought he did okay. He made mistakes, but I thought he did alright. He's an important part of this team's future.
There are, quite literally, 60 guys in the world capable of playing that role. 60. Is Parent a good prospect with a good upside? Absolutely. Does that mean he's a shoe-in to be one of those 60? No.

Okay, so let me get this straight. You accuse me of panicking during Phillies games and then are prepared to completely write off our Defense after 1 game of an 82 game season?
My views have nothing to do with the first game of the season. I've been expressing these views since June.

Eminger is definitely someone with potential. He literally has all the tools, what he needs is A) Confidence and B) a solid, defensive partner to cover him. I don't think he has the best instincts in the world, but with a solid defensive partner alongside him, I think he'll be alright.
Eminger is a 1st round bust through the first 200 games of his NHL career. That's what he is. A reclamation project...most reclamation projects don't get reclaimed.

I mean, Coburn was playing 11 minutes a night on the Thrashers before he came here, were you writing him off then? It's pretty obvious that Eminger has good, raw talent and I'm glad Homer took a shot at him rather than overpaying for some vet.
Coburn had played in 38 games before coming to the Flyers...he hadn't been given a chance. Eminger has played in over 200...he was given a lot of chances and didn't make muster. Big difference and a poor comparison.

I don't want to get too complacent, but this team's window is open pretty much for the next 5-10 years and doesn't even fully open until next year. I'm willing to watch a couple experiments.
Yes...the next 5-10 years with a contract structure that is ossifying heavily in favor of spending on the forwards.

We'll see, apparently he took that year off last year in the SEL to really work on his speed which had been the thing holding him back after his injuries in Colorado. I don't want to make assumptions 1 game in, but based on Saturday's performance, I'd be okay with him getting 18-19 minutes and being a big PKer.
A marginal NHL player went and played well in a weaker league? Shocking...Kukkonen was a stud in the Finnish league.

Dude seriously, name me any team in the league that wouldn't be in trouble after loosing 2 top-6 D like this. You think Detroit would be just fine if they lost Kronwall and Stuart? Would MTL be fine without Hamrlik and O'Byrne? Would SJ be fine without Ehrhoff and Murray?
There's a difference between struggling and having Option A be an 18 y/o kid, who is now our 2nd pairing defenseman. That's a developing greek tragedy. Meanwhile, guy who left the NHL to play in the SEL is now playing on our "1st pairing," and Timonen is going to be playing 30 minutes a night in an attempt to keep some semblance of a competitive defense on the ice.

In a non-cap world, I can see this argument. But you just can't have infinite depth in the cap world. I mean, is our loss in 2004 Clarkie's fault for not adding more defensemen?
Trading Weinrich and Therien away looks pretty damn stupid in

In a cap world it's even more important to structure your team in an intelligent fashion. Most important positions: goalie, defense, center.

Homer obviously realized that there was a problem, that's why you don't see Hatcher, Smith, and Modry around the locker room anymore. He chose a solution, one that you disagree with.
What solution? He started collecting third pairing D and praying to God that one of 'em would "step up," and signed Randy Jones to an egregiously poor contract that was backed by some of the dumbest logic I've ever seen in print. Why they didn't take him to arbitration, or see if someone would make him an offer remains inexplicable.

That's fine, but to take one game, our first game of the season against a team that had already played 3, and use it as evidence that his strategy has completely failed is just stupid.
As noted, my thought process--as you well know, btw--has nothing to do with that one game. The entire situation on defense is a mess, that's not really deniable.

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