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10-13-2008, 02:31 PM
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According to comments on it was Jagr's elbow. Jarg is Cherepanov's teammate. Apparently Jarg didn't see him. Afterwards Jagr was shouting "Wake up Alexei" and was in tears.
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Jagr is there. Apparently he "cried". Jagr is his hero. Imagine seeing one of your young followers just collapse in following your footsteps?
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allegedly, his heart was restarted... He is in stable condition. Entire team went to the church...

This is f-ing horrible....
Just popped over to your guys board to check in... and am stunned and saddened by this news.

It is just ghastly unlucky for the kid (who we all pray recovers), and so horribly random for Jagr. As described, those circumstances are simply cruel.

As a rival fan, I have enjoyed having fun at Jagr's expense while he was a Ranger, especially as he was your best player, but I have to admit I had tears welling in my eyes as I read through this thread (especially after the blog entrees that said Cherepanov had passed...)

All hockey fans stand as one for something like this. So we Devils fans are with you, wishing for something miraculous.

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