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10-13-2008, 07:49 PM
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Originally Posted by mrCoffea View Post
First of all, I was being sarcastic. Obviously I wasn't implying that he was going to carry the team on his back.

Objectivity would be calling a spade a spade and realizing that he HASN'T improved much, if at all, since last season SO FAR. In the 2 and a half games we've now witnessed, he has two bad games against decent to good teams, and one good game against a really bad team in which half of the roster got a point.

So who's being objective? The guy saying he hasn't improved (which is true) or the people claiming he's the biggest surprise of the season (which is false).

He's going to have to play much better than he has if we're going to consider him an improvement, let alone the biggest surprise
Well he hasn't been great tonight... but i haven't seen him make any major mistakes either.... Noone is expecting him to score every single game... .if you are that is crazy, we both know that.

As far as improvement... I have seen him faster, both saturday, today, and in preseason.... So really i wonder if you are watching the same games i am.

Your earlier series of posts totally showed that you have no ability to be objective....

I think you are exactly what McPhee Identified earlier.

Originally Posted by McPhee
Then I'll claim that I don't hate them, I'm just being objective. Then whenever they do something well, I'll point out someone who's better, or find a reason why it wasn't said player who is better, just player b who set him up.

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