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07-01-2004, 01:22 PM
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Why I'm glad we didn't pick Schremp

Bear with me while I play amateur psychologist.

Some people on here wish we had picked Schremp in the draft. I do not wish that, and I'll tell you why. Journalists, commentators, etc. talk about his confidence and his cockiness and talk about how some organizations might like it and others didn't. I saw something else, particularly when I heard about him asking "what line will I play on?" saying, "I'll show them when I'm going against them next year."

It occurred to me. This isn't cockiness. This is TOO cocky for cocky. This is exaggerated, mock cockiness. It isn't real. Real cockiness is more realistic. He wouldn't be saying, "I'll be in the NHL next year". He'd be saying, "I'll be a first line NHLer in a few years". This is the way a person acts when he wants people to THINK he's cocky. In my lifetime, most people who act like that are, in reality, insecure wilting flowers. I bet he's the same way. He thinks he's a fraud, and he's waiting for his bubble to burst, trying to put that off by making people think he's supremely confident. This kid will fold up like a cheap suit the moment his career hits real adversity. And it will. It happens to everyone.

He'll never be a regular NHLer, and when he doesn't make the NHL in a few years, he'll drop out of hockey forever.

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