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Originally Posted by Den View Post
Heart muscle hypertrophy is a prelim observation. Enlarged heart of 495 g, with the norm being 290 g

On the other hand all pro athletes have a hypertrophied heart muscle...

"Согласно заключению судмедэксперта, проводившего вскрытие форварда омского
"Авангарда" Алексея Черепанова, причиной внезапной смерти хоккеиста стала острая
сердечная недостаточность, вызванная миокардиопатией, скорее всего -
гипертрофией сердечной мышцы.

По словам управляющего директора КХЛ Владимира Шалаева, сердце форварда весило
около 495 граммов при норме в 290."

That's not exactly the case. Normal heart muscle (smooth muscle) does not grow as it becomes stronger, like regular muscles (striated muscle). This is what happened to my friend Paul and what I had guessed happened to Alexei:

For small percentage of people, the heart muscle DOES grow. This does not affect most people with the condition, because they do not take their hearts to such extremes that they grow too big to function. For athletes, though, it's a time-bomb. Basically, the more they exercise, the closer they get to a heart attack.

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