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10-14-2008, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
I won't go overboard here and say he's going out of his way to get close to his teammates. You should get close to your teammates and linemates - that shouldn't be considered going out of your way. It was a nice jesture seeing him go up to Zherdev, but to be honest, it's human nature. If a guy I work with is down, I'll go into his office to see what's up and help the situation. It's great to see, but since I do it all the time, I tend not to think much of it and just think it's normal. Sorry if I'm diminishing the act, since as mentioned it's nice to see teammates helping each other and getting close, but I don't attach a captain's label to those acts.

I do agree with everything else. I especially like that he avoided politics when Palin was brought into conversation; perhaps taking a cue from Gomez who refused to say anything except he likes seeing fellow Alaskans doing well.
OK, I won't say go out of his way, but you don't often see a guy becoming great friends with the new guy who doesn't speak the language well and such like he's doing, at least you don't tend to hear about it often.

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