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10-14-2008, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Shabutie View Post
Personally, I really don't care. I listen to hockey games to be entertained, and honestly Yvon + Pednault's commentating took away from that.

I work 40 hours during the week and hockey is what takes me away from the "professional life". I'd like it if Yvon was less professional and more like Brunet. More of a homer, less of a square. When Yvon talks I feel that he's more of a hockey "scholar" not hockey fan. You listen to guys like Jeanerette and they're in the game as much as we are. They don't sound too professional, but they actually make the game sound more interesting than it is (And the population of Pominville increases by 1).

I think we need someone who's more "loose" like Jeanerette and gets as pumped up when the team scores as the fans do.
This could very well be an age thing, and that's not a criticism, more an observation. Youger fans seem to like more flash or hype around the broadcast.

I like play by play guys to be well spoken and to stay out of the way of the action. There aren't many I really 'want' to hear, in a way that they make the game better for me. I like Miller,while some don't, I like the NBC guy, Emrick , Houde, and all the rest run together for me.

Brunet hasn't angered me yet, that's what I like about him. I thought Pedneault played favourites and he tended to piss me off sometimes.

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