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07-01-2004, 04:03 PM
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Boy you guys are thick. My point was I find myself trying to believe in Pock but at the same time to put him ahead of defense prospects like Kondratiev and Beranka is absurd and that if people are so high based on this guy to be a good player after 6 games then how come they can't believe enough that players like Ortmeyer and Murray can get a whopping 8 goals?

I guess that I have to spell it out for you. Or perhaps I need to state it more clearly. Pock is thought of as this lock to be a good, future player based on 6 games here. Murray and Ortmeyer according to many here can't even score 8 goals next year. This I dont' understand. While I think Pock can score 11 goals with 20 something assists next year I also said that he has no clue how to play defense.

Just because a defenseman will score some points on the PP doesn't mean he is any good. You have been killing Poti here for weeks. What makes you think Pock will be any better then Poti? Or even as good? If he was this all around defenseman as some think he will be why wouldn't anybody have picked up this kid a long time ago?