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10-14-2008, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Lone Rogue View Post
He did ok? He scored a goal more than Andrei Kostitsyn and he was only ok? You really like him but he didn't secure his spot with 27 goals? Are you serious? Does that mean Higgins doing great is the whole 40/40 thing? I swear, some people. It's not like Ryder where he played himself off of the line. All Higgins has done is hit a lot of posts and suddenly he is only an "ok" player.

Higgins going to the Lang line is not a demotion, nor is it an insult. Latendresse going to the Lang line is not a demotion, nor is it an insult, either. It's just where they were placed at the start of the year (Higgins with Koivu, Lats with Lang) and I doubt Carbo is just going to screw with his lines. Especially since if you watched Higgins in the pre-season, he was the best Hab on the ice.

I'm not directing this to anyone in particular, but people really need to get off the whole "I base what we should do for the next 79 games on the last game, and any intangibles that could corrupt my basing are wrong".
I never said he was an 'OK' player, I said he did 'OK' with Saku, which is fair IMO, considering how many chances he had to score. He'll be the 1st to admit things weren't going as well as he'd liked them to. AKost was much more impressive from January to April.

Again, Higgins-Koivu wasn't so impressive last year that they should stay together with the additions of Tanguay & Lang. We're not talking about Hull & Oates here.

People need to get off this whole 'why should Higgins be stuck with a center other than Koivu?' thing. As I said earlier in this thread, coaches are allowed to change the lines during the game. Just because you start Higgins with Lang one game, doesn't mean he's on that line for good. So go ahead and find one person in this thread that said Latendresse should spend the rest of the year with Koivu based on one game.

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