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Originally Posted by habfan4 View Post
I rarely disagree with mcphee, but his opinion in this instance seems more than a little off.

A guy looking to make a name for himself, who wanted to be the top heavyweight might be inclined to throw caution to the wind and slug it out with Laraque, but I really don't think that the Bruins have that type of role in mind for Lucic. I'm not saying that the kid isn't tough, however he got worked over pretty good by Gleason and Erskine last year and those guys are not in the same league as BGL.
I still think if Lucic decided to slug it out with GL, he has little to lose except maybe teeth. If he loses, he gets points for showing up, if he wins, the urban legend grows. I guess the downside is if he gets beaten badly....

No the B's don't have that role in mind for him, but it's hard to say what the kid's mindset is. It depends whether he thinks he has to challenge everyone with a rep or play a hard tough game while getting better. It might be academic anyways, a healthier Boston team, able to put out a couple solid scoring lines will probably paly a different game.

I'm ambivalent on the whole topic because I find myself flip flopping on the role of fighting in the game, but I guess if it's there, you may as well have guys good at it.

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