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07-01-2004, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by jaywills1020
as far as him using the word ******* who cares? for us that live in new york that word is used more often then words like hello and thank you. i know some people dont curse ever but some people like myself use that word in every other sentence. and im not a bad guy!! but we will see how his cockiness plays into his game. kinda like kobe bryant. hes cocky as hell but hes in the top 5 best b-ball players in the world. by the way does anyone know bures status? this guys a f-ing mystery man.
It's one thing to curse frequently with your buddies, but I think most intelligent people know that there is a time and a place. You can curse with your friends at the bar or with your family if they're ok with it. You don't curse when you're on a job interview. Or when you're talking to a priest. Or when you're in an art museum.

I'm not terribly bothered by the cursing thing, but I think it underscores what someone else has said. He's very immature to behave that way on a job interview. If I was the one interviewing him, it would have left a bad impression with me, even if it was for a job as a hockey player.

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