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10-14-2008, 06:24 PM
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Have you tried the Graffaloy Pro Launch Blue? That's a high launching shaft as well and it's funny you mentioned the NV because, IMO, the Pro Launch is the antithesis of the NV so if you hated the NV you would probably love the Pro Launch. My father and I basically have polar opposite swings and for years he swore by the NV and hated the Pro Launch while I hated the NV, but loved the Pro Launch (I've got a Nike SQ Tour with the Pro Launch sitting in my garage if you are interested in it).

I haven't heard anything about the Harrison shaft. You should check out or if you are interested in some good golf forums.
Yea I'm on shottalk but I seen GolfWRX has some interesting threads, may take a quick look over. Also, you really notice the undulation of the course....something you can't see on TV.

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