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10-15-2008, 04:42 AM
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Originally Posted by 1UP View Post
Explanation on QQ.

QQing, or as most used, "QQ n00b", is an internet d00dtalk expression that has it's roots in Warcraft 3. To quit a game, the hotkey is Alt+Q - Q. So, when somebody was losing and throwing the generic 13 year old loser tantrum, the correct answer was "QQ n00b".

Sadly, this noble use was tainted by players for World of Warcraft, who have destroyed the meaning from an high quality and classy GTFO to a simple "go whine somewhere else". QQing, now, has, for these idiots, the same meaning as whining endlessly.

The actual internet d00dtalk message for this is T_T, which is the actual "eyes crying" smilie.

So, you can say that not only did the guy said something stupid as you weren't exactly whining, but he also doesn't even know what he's saying and trying to look cool.
Well that's a great way to start a convincing argument!

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