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Originally Posted by onice View Post
I'm not serious and I don't care if fans boo. I thought I said that. I never said in any of my posts fans shouldn't boo or shouldn't be allowed to boo. What gets me is when they try to explain or justify their motives. Please, their motives are basic and primitive. Don't glorify or justify them by trying to explain them. They enjoy it. Fine. Leave it at that.
Are you saying that booing at games can not be justified..


If you're one person, one individual in any life situation, you can usually be heard and thus convey your emotion or feeling through words, language, etc. So if you're dipleased at what a police man or a garbage man has just done, you can tell them and explain the situation and come to an understanfing.

When in a crowd, you can't have 20,000 people all calmly explain to the refs why they missed a call or tell a certain player why they feel jibbed by him going to another team. Because 20,000 people doing that will sound like a loud buzzing murmur. So to convey a message or explain your state of mind when you're in a crowd, then your options are chanting, singing, cheering or booing.

But I guess we're primitive for trying to engage in communication..

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