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10-15-2008, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
I've gone to wrestling shows in my life, not in a long time, but I've gone and screamed my fool head off while ketchup streamed down Dino Bravo's face. You feel good going home. I still like going to concerts when I can, getting lost in it for a few hours tends to relax me. I don't think that crowd frenzy is necessarily a bad thing .

The last Grey Cup game in Mtl, I went with an old friend, guy I went to Monday's game with. We go for different reasons. I love the sport itself, like watching, figuring out what's coming, why it worked etc. I like the rabid crowd atmosphere as well. My buddy likes the game, but doesn't know how many palyers are on the field or import ratios or anything about football, he likes being in a frenzied crowd and screaming his fool head off. Football's different as the boundary is lower, but you know that showing up at the park. I don't think there's a right or wrong really.
Mcphee, like I said i don't care about the booing. It's when it gets to the insults. What's the dif between throwing a banana peel at Weekes and throwing verbal insults at Ryder. Ad mentioned it's communication. what are we communicating to Ryder? Thanks for being our top scorer for those three years but you're a dirt bag for going to a team that gave you top dollar.

Look I don't like Brisebois as a hockey player never did, never will but I agreed with Gainey when he called those fans gutless ********.

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