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10-15-2008, 08:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
I know it's early, way too early to freak out about this kinda stuff, but for a team that's supposed to be really well rounded, its interesting to actually see how the goals have been spread out so far.

First line: 2 goals
Second line: 8 goals
Third line: 1 goal
Fourth line: 2 goals

Defense: 3 goals

So there are 3 ways to look at this. Either we are getting balanced scoring, its just that the 2nd line is playing at an insane level and will likely go back down, or the 2nd line is playing like they should, and the other lines aren't holding their own.

Then there is option 3, where its somewhere in the middle of those 2, which is likely where we are. I think the 2nd line is playing a little over thier heads, but i think a bigger reason for the massive difference in offensive totals is that the first and third lines arent doing near enough in terms of generating quality scoring chances.

the point of all this? the first and third lines need to wake their ***** up, because the 2nd won't be able to produce at this breakneck pace forever.
I guess we should call up Dane Byers and put him on the first line then? Being that hes better than Voros?

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